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Best Dog Toys For Water

Best Dog Toys For Water

The summer weather brings in tons of delightful opportunities to spend some outdoor time with your pup. As the sun gets hotter, you’re probably looking to cool off around water.

Whether you have a dog that’s bred to swim or one that simply loves water, summer can be an excellent time to enjoy each other’s company. You can head out to a nearby lake or enjoy the outdoors at home. No matter where you’re headed, you can double up on the excitement by surprising your pup with some of the best dog toys for water.

*This article may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of the links I get a small commission at no additional cost to you 🙂 .

Why do Dogs like Playing in Water?

Not all dogs enjoy playing in the water. But when they do, they absolutely LOVE it.

GSD playing in the water

For some breeds like the Retrievers and the Water Spaniels, it’s simply in their nature. But love for water isn’t exclusive to specific breeds.

For example, many German Shepherds enjoy the water even when they were primarily bred for herding. But why is that?

Many dogs grow up loving the water because of how they were raised. They were exposed to fun, water-related activities early on and so developed not just their confidence but also excitement around them.

Also unless you have a pool or have access to a lake at home, it’s not something they get to do often so that makes water play even more special and exciting.

Additionally, water-related activities are stimulating for your dog in many unique ways. Being submerged in water activates all their muscles and stimulates their entire body. Plus, toys and other water-related activities give them unique opportunities for mental stimulation.

Lastly, dogs also tend to love the water because it helps their bodies cool down. This is especially beneficial in the summer months when shade and proper hydration just isn’t enough to stay comfortable.

Fun Activities to Do With Your Dog In and Around Water

When you have a dog that loves the water, there are so many different activities you can engage in. Here are some ideas you both might love:

  • Swimming – Most dogs are happy to just jump in and paddle around the water. It’s even more fun if they have floating toys to play with on their own, with other dogs, or their humans.
  • Playing Fetch – Retrieving toys is even more fun when you toss them into water. Your dog gets to run, swim, and fetch all in one activity.
  • Soaking in a Dog Pool – Sometimes, a paddling or kiddie pool is all your dog needs to cool down and have fun. They might simply enjoy a long, good soak. Most dogs, however, prefer to play with toys and splash around with their paws.
  • Playing With a Sprinkler – Sprinklers and paw-activated fountains are tons of fun. Not only do they allow your pup to play with water but also stimulate their mind.
  • Going to the Beach – A trip to the beach allows you and your dog to enjoy a good swim. Plus, playing with the surf and sand could give your dog extra excitement and stimulation.
  • Going to a Lake – Apart from being a good place to swim, lakes often have docks that dogs love to jump off of. This can be super fun, especially when playing fetch.
  • Engaging in Water Sports – You can include your dog in various water sports like surfing or paddle-boarding. But, if they’re really athletic, you can look into participating in actual canine sports like dock diving.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Dog Toy for Water

There are plenty of toys that your dog can play with in the water. But, here are specific qualities you should look for to guarantee long hours of play:

Dog at beach with toy


  • What does the toy do?
  • Is it really made for water?
  • How will your dog derive fun from it?

Floating Capability

  • How well does the toy float?
  • Will it still float if your dog accidentally punctures it?
  • Can it get waterlogged?


  • What is the toy made of?
  • Does it contain any toxic ingredients?
  • What happens if your dog accidentally ingests parts of it?


  • How easily can your dog puncture or destroy the toy?
  • How much play time could you possibly get out of it?
  • How likely is it to breakdown and be ingested by your dog?


  • Is it the right type of toy for your intended purpose?
  • Is it the right size?
  • Is it the right material and construction for your specific dog?

Special Features

  • What other features make it special?
  • Why is it a better choice than other similar products?
  • Are there different variants?

Best Dog Toys for Water

There are generally two types of dog toys that involve the water. That includes gadgets used for hoses and playthings meant for retrieving. Read on to discover your best options for each.

Dog Water Toys for Hose

Toys meant for hoses allow your dogs to enjoy playing with water. These are typically sprinklers and fountains that are perfect for use in your yard, garage, or any open space.

If you’re interested in giving your dog a fun way to play with water at home, here are the best water toys to consider:

Trio Gato – Outdoor Dog Drinking Water Fountain

The Outdoor Dog Drinking Water Fountain by Trio Gato is a gadget that connects to your standard garden hose to deliver a vertical stream of water.

The best part is that the fountain is paw-activated. When your pup steps on the pedal, the water streams upwards, letting them have a drink or simply have some fun.

It’s incredibly entertaining to watch your dog’s curiosity as they try to figure out what the new toy is. It’s even more delightful when they get it to work for the first time and realize that they’re in control.

Since the fountain only flows when your dog activates it, it helps you save water compared to using a regular sprinkler to play with.

What I love:

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to learn
  • Encourages drinking
  • Mentally stimulating
  • Saves water

Possible downsides:

  • Might be difficult for small dogs
  • No way to stake or bolt down

And the verdict is…

Its durable construction, easy-to-use design, and extremely fun operation make it an excellent summer toy. Plus, it helps keep your dog hydrated, which is especially important as temperatures rise.

Magifire – Splash Pad and Sprinkler

The Splash Pad and Sprinkler by Magifire is a summer-must have not just for dogs but for young kids (and kids-at-heart) as well.

It is a colorful, circular pad with sprinklers all around the sides.

When connected to a hose, the sprinklers stream water towards the center and showers the occupants just like a lovely fountain.

Dogs find this splash pad incredibly exciting because it has over 20 fountains from which water sprouts. It is 67 inches in diameter, which makes it big enough for large dogs, several small dogs, or a couple of pups and their little humans. And, it is made of thick PVC that’s resistant to puncture and tears.

What I love:

  • Large enough for big dogs
  • Over twenty water streams
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable construction
  • BPA free and non-toxic

Possible downsides:

  • Might not withstand chewing

And the verdict is…

If you can easily teach your dog not to chew on this splash pad, it is definitely an excellent purchase. It’s shallow enough so you need not worry about the safety of your dogs or young children. But, it still allows them to play around with water.

Gikpal – Backyard Sprinkler Water Toy

The Backyard Sprinkler Water Toy by Gikpal is a toy that turns your regular garden hose into a fun sprinkler. It comes in either an orange crab or a green turtle.

When connected to a hose, it sprays water as high as 8 feet so kids and pups have a large area from which to enjoy it. Also, it has a spinner that shoots water in different directions.

This water toy is made of ABS plastic that’s durable and also non-toxic. So, even if your dog’s excitement brings them to nip, scratch, or paw at the sprinkler, there should be nothing for you to worry about.

What I love:

  • Sprays up to 8 feet and in different angles
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Durable and non-toxic
  • Easy installation
  • Not easily toppled over

Possible downsides:

  • Might need a separate hose attachment to fit

And the verdict is…

This water toy is just as sturdy as your typical irrigation sprinkler but comes in a fun, child-friendly design. The exciting delivery of water plus its safe and durable construction makes it one of the best toys you can buy for your dog.

Dog Water Toys for Retrieving

Water toys for retrieving are basically any toy that floats. You toss them into a body of water and your dog dives in, swims to fetch the toy, and swims back to return the toy to you.

If you have access to a pool or you’re headed for the beach or lake, here are some of the best water toys you can buy for your dog:

ChuckIt – Amphibious Bumper Fetch and Float Toy

ChuckIt is one of the world’s most popular brands for fetch toys. While its ball launcher is still its most popular dog toy, the Amphibious Bumper is equally fun.

It is a lightweight dog toy made of EVA foam, rubber, and nylon, which makes it suitable for both land and water use. This construction also makes it safe for your dog’s teeth but durable enough to withstand some chewing.

As a water fetch toy, it performs incredibly well because of its remarkable buoyancy. It also has a knotted rope, which makes it easier for you to get a good grip, even when your dog refuses to let go. Plus, it comes in bright colors, so they’re easy to spot in the water.

What I love:

  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Safe for dogs’ teeth
  • Can withstand chewing
  • Remarkable buoyancy
  • Bright colors

Possible downsides:

  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers

And the verdict is…

It’s an excellent fetch toy to use in both land and water. Remember that it’s not meant to be a chew toy. So, as long as you use this only for supervised or interactive play, it should last you a very long time.

Kurgo – Skipping Stones Play & Chew Toy

The Skipping Stones Play and Chew Toy by Kurgo comes in a set of two toys that mimic real stones you normally find along lake-shores and ponds.  

You can have your fun trying to skip them along the surface of the water while letting your dog chase after them until they’re exhausted. Unlike actual stones, though, these ones float and won’t hurt your dog’s teeth.

These skipping stones boast a non-toxic and BPA-free construction. They’re designed to withstand some chewing and will float even if your dog’s teeth have punctured them. Additionally, they come in bright colors so they’re easy to spot when thrown in the water.

What I love:

  • Extra fun for humans
  • No harm to dog’s teeth
  • Non-toxic and BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Floats even when punctured
  • Bright colors

Possible downsides:

  • Might be too small for extra-large dogs.

And the verdict is…

Unlike fetch toys for water, these don’t ever get waterlogged. So, if you have a medium-to-large-sized dog, this toy might be the best way to play fetch with your pup while adding a layer of fun for yourself.

Hyper Pet – Chewz Dog Stick

The Chewz Dog Stick by Hyper Pet is a fetch toy that can be used both in and out of the water.

It is made of EVA foam, which makes it lightweight yet remarkably durable.

This material makes it safe for your dog’s teeth and gums. And, it also allows the toy to keep its shape and float even when punctured.

This dog stick is 12.5 inches long and approximately 1.5 inches thick. That makes it perfect for medium to extra-large dogs. It has an irregular shape that adds more ways for your dog to grip it. Plus, it comes in a neon green color that makes it easy to spot as it floats on water.

What I love:

  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Safe for teeth and gums
  • Keeps shape and floats even when punctured
  • Large enough for medium to extra-large dogs
  • Irregular shape adds more fun
  • Easy-to-spot bright color

Possible downsides:

  • Not suitable for power chewers

And the verdict is…

No EVA toy can survive power chewing. For as long as you use this as the fetch toy it’s meant to be, it is definitely a good purchase.

Its weight minimizes fatigue in both you and your dog. So, you can enjoy each other’s company for much longer.

How to Keep Your Dog Safe Around Water

Although playing in or around water is generally safe, it poses unique risks to your dog. Always be cautious and keep these water safety tips in mind:

Keep them from slipping

Dogs are generally steady on their feet. But if they’re playing with water, there’s still a chance they could slip and hurt themselves. If you’re using a sprinkler or a dog pool, it’s better to set it on grass than tiles or smooth concrete.

Get them a life jacket

Whether they’re a novice or seasoned swimmer, your dog should wear a life jacket if they’re going in water that’s deeper than their own height. A floatation device will keep its head above water when they tire of swimming or even if they become unconscious.

Stay away from rough waters

Rough seas and fast-flowing rivers pose a serious danger to you and your dog. Stick to calm lakes, slow-moving rivers, and private swimming pools.

Avoid stagnant water

Stagnant water can host bacteria and algae that could poison your dog when consumed. Blue-green algae is particularly toxic and could quickly lead to death. To be safe, avoid bodies of water with a blue-green hue on the surface, or avoid stagnant waters entirely.

Keep them up-to-date on vaccinations

Let your vet know if your dog swims frequently and where you often go. They might recommend a leptospirosis vaccine to avoid getting infected after exposure to contaminated water.

Final Thoughts

With dogs around, anything can be an epic adventure! Whether you’re staying home or heading out to access a beautiful body of water, the right water toys will not only physically and mentally stimulate your dog but also allow you to strengthen your bond and have a blast together in the warmer weather!

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