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Welcome GSD lovers!  My name is Lenni and I have a beautiful 8 year old German shepherd dog named Allie.  Allie is my first German Shepherd and I was totally clueless on the joys and demands of owning a German Shepherd until after I already had Miss Allie in my home.  The first months of having a rambunctious German Shepherd puppy were rough (a tear or two of frustration may have been shed), but I learned a lot about the breed during my journey.  I’ve learned that German Shepherds are intelligent, courageous, loyal, fun, and just an all around wonderful breed.  That being said, there was definitely a learning curve for me with training, food choices, toys, socialization and other aspects of having my first German Shepherd.  I am hoping that by sharing my knowledge and experiences, I will help save others some time and frustration and we can all focus on enjoying the wonderful German Shepherds in our lives.

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