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Do German Shepherd Puppies Sleep A Lot?

Do German Shepherd Puppies Sleep A Lot?

Puppies are similar to babies, they eat, poop, play and sleep.  But how much should your GSD puppy sleep, and do German Shepherd puppies sleep a lot? 

This article will answer those questions and give you some insight into German Shepherd puppy sleeping habits.

So, Do German Shepherd Puppies Sleep A Lot?

Yes, German Shepherd puppies sleep a lot.  A GSD pup will normally sleep upwards of 18 to 20 hours a day.  They are usually asleep unless you are engaging with them in some way.

How Many Hours Should German Shepherds Sleep?

It is normal for German Shepherd puppies to sleep up to 20 hours a day.  Just like infants mostly sleep when they aren’t eating or needing to be changed, puppies sleep whenever they aren’t being played with, walked, going outside to potty, or eating.

GSD puppies sleep so much because their bodies are still developing and growing fast so they need to sleep to fuel that process.  As they get older, they will sleep a little less.

Where Should German Shepherd Puppies Sleep?

German Shepherd puppies should sleep in a crate when really young and not yet trained.  This is because if your puppy has too much space to roam, it will be harder to get them potty trained as they will just find a spot to do their business away from where they are sleeping.

Puppies don’t like to use the restroom where they rest, so if they are crated, they are more likely to wake you up when they need to potty which helps them become trained quicker. 

Some of the best crates for German Shepherd puppies are ones that can grow with your pup and come with a divider.  When your pup is tiny you can divide off the extra unused space so it doesn’t become a potty zone, but as your pup gets older and bigger and is potty trained you can move the divider back or remove the divider altogether.

This is not to say your pup has be crated forever, think of this as a tool to help them get house-trained faster and to keep them safe.

Should I Let My German Shepherd Puppy Sleep With Me?

You shouldn’t let your German Shepherd puppy sleep with you until they are potty trained.  As mentioned above, it is too easy for them to find a spot to do their business if they have free access to the whole room at night.

You’ll likely wake up to a lot of little yellow and brown presents until they are trained.  However, once your puppy knows how to wake you up for their bathroom break, it is really a personal decision as to whether you want your pup to sleep in your bed.

There are a lot of varying opinions on this subject, but everyone’s situation is different so just make the best decision that is right for you.

German Shepherd Puppy Sleeping Habits

As mentioned above, German Shepherd puppies will usually sleep between 18 and 20 hours a day, which is totally normal.  It is also normal for a puppy to not be able to sleep through the night.

Just like newborn babies need to get on a schedule so does your new puppy.  Also, your puppy’s bladder won’t be strong enough for them to hold themselves for the entire night at 8 weeks old.

When my GSD puppy first came home, she usually woke me up two or three times each night for potty breaks.  As she got a little older, it reduced to once a night, then eventually she didn’t wake me up at all.

Final Thoughts

German Shepherd puppies sleep a lot because their bodies are developing and going through a lot of growth when they are really young.  It is normal for a puppy to only be awake for 6 hours a day when you first bring them home.

Unless they are playing with toys, eating, drinking, or going outside, they will probably be sleeping. If you feel like your GSD puppy is sleeping too much you can check with your vet to make sure all is ok just for peace of mind. 

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