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How Long Should I Walk My German Shepherd Puppy

Establishing an efficient exercise routine for a German Shepherd puppy is extremely important for your GSD to live a healthy lifestyle.

While there is no exact science to knowing your German Shepherd puppy exercise limits, it is best to slowly ease into a routine and your puppy will gain stamina over time.

Dogs are creatures of habit and love a routine.  Accordingly, if you normally walk your puppy first thing in the morning, your pup will start to expect and look forward to those morning walks as soon as you roll out of bed.

Try and establish an exercise routine that you can maintain long term, so your puppy can grow to learn the routine.

How Long Should I Walk My German Shepherd Puppy?

German Shepherd Walking on leash

As a new German Shepherd puppy owner, you may wonder “how long they should I walk my German Shepherd puppy each day?”  Unfortunately, there is no exact answer.

The American Kennel Club UK recommends two exercise sessions of 5 minutes per month of age during puppyhood1.

When Allie was a puppy, I found short walks multiple times a day worked well.  Remember puppies are babies and they don’t have the stamina of a full-grown dog, so although they need exercise, they also need to rest.

Whatever you do, don’t start your young puppy off with an hour-long walk.  I started Allie with short 10-minute walks 2-3 times a day as an 8-week-old puppy.  This served two purposes, to get some of her energy out, as well as getting her used to walking on a leash.

Finding the Right Length of Walks for Your Puppy

Although there are many recommendations as to how long to walk your German Shepherd puppy, it is best to look to your puppy for clues on its limits.  Start with 10 minutes, 2 times a day.  If you find your puppy is still a ball on energy increase it to 15 minutes, or you can add in a third 10-minute walk.

You want to find the walking time that is right for your individual GSD puppy as all puppies are all different and will require different amounts of exercise.

Keep in mind, that it can be dangerous to push your German Shepherd puppy beyond his or her limits at a young age.  If your German Shepherd puppy show signs of being tired or exhausted, stop the walk immediately and allow your pup to rest.

Final Thoughts

Establishing a solid exercise routine for your German Shepherd puppy is an important step in establishing the framework for a healthy lifestyle.  Also, remember that walks aren’t the only form of exercise you can engage in with your GSD puppy.

In addition to walks, I would include short play sessions in the yard with a ball or play with toys in the house as well.

The most important thing with walking a German Shepherd puppy is to start with short walks and play sessions and build on that process as your puppy grows.

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