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Black German Shepherd Info

Black German Shepherd Info

The gorgeous pure black German Shepherd looks like the descendant of a wolf from a fairytale. Its luscious, shiny black fur and piercing eyes make it a desirable breed to have as a pet owner.

This beautiful dog is very much the same as a regular tan and black German Shepherd, with the exception that they are less common.

The history of the black German Shepherd is the same as any other purebred German Shepherd. For a puppy to be born with black fur, the sire and dam must both have a recessive gene for the black coat. Breeding two black German Shepherds is the best way to achieve some black pups in the litter.

However, two black German Shepherds are not the only way to achieve a black GSD pup. My girl Allie was the product of a sable sire and a black dam.

This article will give you all the black german shepherd info you need to know!

Black German Shepherd facts

Black German Shepherd Breed Specifics

The specifics of the breed, from the lifespan, average weight and size of litter, are as follows:    

Average Lifespan

  • 9-13 years

Average Weight

  • Females between 50-75 pounds, males between 65-90 pounds

Average Size of Litter

  • Anywhere between 4-9 pups

Black German Shepherd Appearance

The first thing you will notice in a black GSD is their intensely dark coat. This can either be medium or long fur, existing in a soft undercoat and a dense top layer.

Their solid black color is obvious from birth; they do not develop into fully black dogs, they are very apparently black from the moment they are born.

German Shepherds have been criticized at shows for their slanted lower back, which is where their majestic black counterparts differ; the black German Shepherd somehow displays a slightly straighter back.

Apart from that difference, they have the same long, square muzzle and pointed ears that sit atop a dome-shaped head attached to an agile and strong body as the black and tan original.

The height of the dog will be anywhere from 22 inches to 26 inches when standing categorized between a medium and large size.

Black German Shepherd Temperament

Black German Shepherds are no different than other German Shepherd beside the recessive black gene. The temperament of black German Shepherds is the same as any other GSD. Of course, each dog (whatever their coloring) has a unique personality.

The black GSD is a loyal and intelligent dog. They are tireless, dependable workers can be trained to do almost anything, which is what makes them so popular in working fields like police and military.

Apart from these common jobs, GSDs are also employed as rescue dogs and disability assistance dogs; they will work endlessly and loyally for anyone they consider their own.

Your black GSD is a working line dog, so to avoid any destructive behavior, you need to make sure they are exercised sufficiently every day.

In addition to physical exercise, black German Shepherds also need mental stimulation to feed their curiosity and intelligence. Invest in some puzzle-based toys for dogs and some sturdy chew toys to help them expel their energy.

If trained and socialized from a young age, these curious cuddly canines make wonderful companions.

Are Black German Shepherds Purebred

Yes! Black German Shepherds are purebred and they have been around just as long as their black and tan cousins.

Black German Shepherd Puppy

Are Black German Shepherds Recognized by the AKC?

The short answer is yes, the American Kennel Club (AKC) does recognize the black GSD. According to the AKC, the black German Shepherd falls under the same category as any GSD with the registration code 007.

Are Black German Shepherds Good Family Dogs?

Yes! Black German Shepherds make amusing and loveable family pets. They are extremely family-oriented, and when they have chosen you as their own, they will protect you with their lives.

German Shepherds can play rough, so they need to be trained as puppies to be gentle, especially with children and babies, but once they learn, they are great with kids too!  They love cuddles, and forget their size sometimes, so be ready for your personal space to be taken over! 

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Differences in Black and Common GSDs

Besides the differences in color, the black German Shepherd is also known to be slightly larger and more muscular than its more common counterpart.

The breed’s fur is also known to be longer and flowier – often seen making a sort of mane at the back base of the neck, with feathering around the ears and tail.

Although there are some small differences between a black German Shepherd and regular black and tan German Shepherd. Overall, they are more similar than different. It is important to remember that the breed is the same. They are all German Shepherds!

Final Thoughts

I hope this article helped you learn all the black German Shepherd facts you were seeking. If you are looking to get yourself a black GSD, make sure to look into what it takes to properly care for a German Shepherd, so your pup can live a happy, healthy life.

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  1. My gorgeous black had female is 3.5 years old and is just settling down some. Hoping to get her certified as my service dog. She’s doing great with her training. I’m hoping to breed her at least once, she is akc, but I’m picky about it. I’ve had a few shepherds in the past and bred them, but she is soooo good I can’t help but want to see a little of cuddly babies and I think it would b good for her as well. Any suggestions are appreciated

    1. Hi Kate! Wonderful, German Shepherds make great service dogs continue working with her it is very rewarding. I totally understand. I think you have to look at why you want to breed her and if you have the time to make sure the pups go to good homes. I decided not to breed my black German Shepherd even though everyone wanted me to because at that moment I didn’t have the time to devote. I also knew I would get attached to all the puppies and wouldn’t want to let them go. I think if you analyze why you want to breed your dog and if you have the time to devote you’ll come to the right decision. Thanks for reaching out!

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