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Best Shock Collar For German Shepherds

Best Shock Collars For German Shepherds

Shock collars can have a negative connotation, however, when used properly they can be an effective training tool for German Shepherds.  This article will list the best shock collars for German Shepherds and large breeds, things to consider before purchasing one, as well as information on how they should be properly used.

*This article may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of the links I get a small commission at no additional cost to you ? .

Why you may need a shock collar

As any German Shepherd owner will tell you GSDs are incredibly smart and highly trainable, but they can also be strong-willed. 

Some owners find that even with proper training their dog needs a little extra correction.  Other people use anti-bark collars (a form of a shock collar) for dogs that bark incessantly to help curb that behavior. 

Things to consider before purchasing a shock collar:

Intended Use

The purpose are you going to use a shock collar for is a very important consideration to know before making a purchase.

You should NOT purchase a shock collar because your dog hasn’t been properly trained and you want the shock collar to substitute for the lack of training. 

You SHOULD purchase a shock collar to go along with your training routine to be used in certain situations where normal training methods haven’t been effective.  Or to curb behaviors such as excessive barking after training has not worked.

Type of correction

Shock collars come with varying types of correction methods.  The types of correction can include, sound, vibration, or a shock.  Some dogs never need to use the shock feature, the sound or vibration is enough to get them to stop the targeted action.

Levels of Correction

The levels of correction are also very important.  You don’t want to purchase a shock collar with only one level of correction because that level may be either too high or too low for your individual German Shepherd. 

Having different levels of correction allow you to customize the device to what works best for your dog.

Running German Shepherd outside


Range is a significant factor, especially if you plan to use the collar while training outside. 

For example, if your purpose of using a shock collar is to keep your dog from running into the street, you would want to make sure the collar you purchase has a long enough range to work in such situations.

Depending on your purpose, you may need a longer or shorter range.


How long the battery lasts, as well as how the battery functions are important.  How long does the collar take to charge?  How long does the collar last on a single charge?  These are questions you should consider about any shock collar you are considering.

If you need to use your shock collar for 4 hours at a time, you want to make sure the collar you purchase has a battery capable of lasting that long.


Although the collar is meant to provide a correction, you also want to make sure your dog doesn’t mind wearing the collar.  Measure your dog’s neck and then look for appropriate sizing so the collar is not too tight.


This may not be important for everyone, but if you plan to do activities where the collar may get wet, you may want to consider a waterproof shock collar for your pooch.


A good shock collar is not cheap; however, it is the type of item, that if purchased correctly, should only have to be purchased once. 

Make sure to consider the quality and durability of the collar, paying a little more to get a quality product is better than having to purchase a new one next year. 

Reviews of the Best ShockCollars for German shepherds

Dogtra 1900S Shock Collar

Dogtra Shock Collar

Dogtra is a trusted brand with 20 years of experience making dog shock collars.  The Dogtra 1900S is an excellent shock collar choice that will last the lifetime of your dog (and most likely subsequent dogs too). 

It has a great ¾ mile range and is waterproof for those wet outdoor activities.  The varying types of corrections is where this collar really excels.

First, there is a vibration only correction that gives no shock.  Second, there are two different types of shock corrections.   

The first is called “Nick”, which provides a quick ½ second shock.  The second is called constant, which provides for a longer time period of a shock for up to 12 seconds.  Additionally, there are 127 correction levels so you are sure to find the right level for your German Shepherd.

The receiver is slim enough to carry around, and the LCD screen provides for a clear display of the correction level.  This equipment is solid quality and has a battery that will last.

What I Love:

  • Dogtras 20 years of experience making shock collars
  • ¾ mile radius
  • Solid, quality collar and receiver
  • LCD screen
  • 127 correction levels
  • Vibration only correction mode
  • Nick and constant shock correction modes
  • Waterproof

Possible Downsides:

  • Because the collar is made adjustable for different sized dogs, some people have a lot of excess collar sticking out if their dog is younger or has a smaller neck.
  • Price

And the verdict is…

  • You can’t beat this shock collar!  It has all the correction levels and features to suit the needs of majority GSD owners, and you’ll only ever need to buy a shock collar once.

Educator Shock Collar

Educator shock collar

The Educator shock collar has a unique remote design.  It comes in a stopwatch style remote in various colors for some added flare.  The remote has a bright LCD display and a light to make your dog more visible at night.

As far as corrections, it has tone, vibration, and static shock.  The correction levels range from 1 to 100 giving you plenty of options to find what your dog responds to best.  

For larger dogs like German Shepherds, there are many range options. 

The Education has ½ mile, ¾ mile, and 1-mile range receivers.    I recommend getting the ¾ mile or 1-mile option for a German Shepherd.  There are also options in the different ranges for 2 dog receivers. 

For added comfort, the collar strap is adjustable and able to be cut down to size to prevent having a bunch of extra fabric sticking out.   

As an added benefit, the remote and collar are waterproof.  Some options even come with a training DVD.

What I Love:

  • Multiple range options
  • 2 dog receiver options
  • Collar light to make your dog visible at night
  • Three correction types
  • 100 correction levels
  • Adjustable collar strap that can be cut down to size
  • Waterproof
  • Unique remote design

Possible downsides:

  • Limited battery life means you will need to charge it at least once daily.

And the verdict is….

  • If you only need a shock collar for 1 or 2 dogs, and are looking for a more unique design with varying features and color options, the Educator is a great choice for you.

Dog Care Shock Collar

Dog Care shock collar

The Dog Care shock collar is the best budget shock collar option.  It is suitable for dogs up to 100 pounds which will work for many GSDs.

This collar comes with three correction modes: beep, vibration, and shock.  In addition, the shock feature has 99 levels so you can be sure to find the right level or correction setting for your dog. 

Where this collar really shines is that the remote has 3 channels which allows for use with up to three dogs (you need to purchase the additional collars separately).  This feature allows you the ability to correct three dogs without carrying around three separate remotes. 

The long battery life ensures your training won’t get interrupted, and the Dog Care shock collar has a range of 330 yards.

What I Love:

  • 99 correction levels
  • Multiple channels to allow for use with up to 3 dogs
  • Long battery life
  • Budget shock collar option
  • Beep and vibration only modes

Possible downsides:

  • The 100-pound weight limit may exclude some larger German Shepherds.
  • 330-yard range may not be suitable for all uses.

And the verdict is…

  • If you have a GSD under 100 pounds, or a household with multiple dogs, this could very well be the perfect option for you. 

SportDOG SportHunter 825x Shock Collar

SportDOG Shock Collar

The SportDOG SportHunter 825x shock collar is a good quality shock collar with tons of features. 

This collar has options with different ranges and it even comes in a camo coloring.  There is a ½ mile range option, a ¾ mile range option, and a 1-mile range option.

The ½ mile and ¾ mile range remotes allow for use with up to 3 dogs, while to 1-mile remotes allow for use with up to 6 dogs. 

There are three types of correction settings: vibration, beep, and static shock.  For the shock settings, there is both a nick setting (only for a moment) and a continuous setting for a longer duration of shock.   There are 21 levels of correction for the shock feature.

This collar is waterproof and capable of being submerged up to 25 feet.  It also has a quick charge feature that allows for complete charging in only 2 hours.  On a full charge, this collar lasts for between 50-70 hours. 

The SportDOG collar fits dogs of neck sizes between 5” – 22”.

What I Love:

  • Different range options available (1/2 mile, ¾ mile, 1-mile)
  • Can use with up to 3 or 6 dogs (depending on the model0
  • Three correction types
  • Nick and continuous shock settings
  • 21 shock levels
  • Waterproof
  • Long lasting and quick charge

Possible downsides:

  • Some users have complained that the vibration and beep features stopped working after years of use.

And the verdict is…

  • This is a great shock collar for people needed to control more than 3 dogs and who participate in a lot of outdoor activities where the collar will get wet.

Getting your dog use to their new Shock Collar

Once you have decided on which shock collar to purchase, you don’t want to just slap it on and start using it right away. 

You need to allow your dog time to adjust to the collar so they know what it means and aren’t confused by the sudden corrections.

GSD having fun outside

Step 1: Introduce the collar to your dog

Let the dog sniff the collar, then put it on them for a series of days.  Don’t turn the collar on or give any correction just yet.  Just let them get used to wearing the collar.

Step 2:  Introduce a non-shock correction at the appropriate time

After your dog is comfortable wearing the collar, introduce either a vibration or tone correction during a training session when a situation arises where voice commands aren’t being heeded. 

If the vibration or tone works, you may never have to use the shock feature!

Step 3:  Introduce a shock correction ONLY in needed situations

If you find there are certain situations where your dog isn’t responding appropriately to the tone and/or vibration, introduce the shock on the lowest level to begin with.    

If lower levels don’t get the desired result, gradually increase the level until you find the right level for your dog.

**Remember – A shock collar is like any other training tool.  It is not to be abused and is not a substitute for proper training.  It is merely an aid to help you achieve your training goals or to be used in dangerous situations when you need your dog to respond quickly without fail.

Final Thoughts

The Dogtra 1900S is my overall top choice for the best shock collar for German Shepherds.  I have had my Dogtra for about 7 years and it is still in excellent condition.  My girl no longer needs to use a shock collar often but whenever I have pulled it out it works wonderfully.  When I first purchased it, we used it multiple days a week as a training aid. 

I hope this article has helped you find the best shock collar for your German Shepherd or large dog.  Which shock collar do you think is best?

Let me know in the comments!

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