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Best Pooper Scooper For Big Dogs

Best Pooper Scooper For Big Dogs

Big dogs mean big cuddles and definitely big love. But, unfortunately, they also mean big poop. If you have a massive pet, it helps to know what to look for in pet waste management tools as well as what is recommended as the best pooper scoopers for big dogs.

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Different Types Of Pooper Scoopers

There are different types of pooper scoopers and it’s essential to know them to determine the best option for you. Generally, you’ll need to choose either a jaw-type, spade, or rake.

Here are the qualities of each one:


A jaw scooper, also known as a clamp scooper, is a device that enables you to pick up poop with one hand. Generally, this works best on trimmed grass, but could also be useful for other surfaces, depending on the consistency of your dog’s poop.

The bottom part of this tool is made of two face-to-face scoopers held together by a jaw. A lever at the handle opens up this jaw so you can scoop poop. When you let go of the lever, the jaws clamp down so the scoopers hold the poop in and you can dispose of it easily.


A spade-type pooper scooper enables you to shovel your dog’s poop from softer surfaces like dirt or ice. The pointed tip, however, might not be ideal if you have a lawn.

There are also spade pooper scoopers that are flat rather than pointed. These are useful for harder surfaces like pavement or tiles. Using these, you can easily scrape off poop from the ground and move it to a bin.


The rake pooper scooper allows you to comb through taller grass and gravel. It might also be useful on loose dirt and snow. The advantage of using rakes is that they’re less damaging to landscaping.

Additionally, using a rake along with a tray allows you to pick up one pile after the other. This is an especially useful tool if you have multiple large dogs.

Different Types Of Containers For Holding The Poop

Likewise, there are various types of containers you can use to catch or contain the poop you scooped out. The two most common ones are the tray and bucket.

Here are the qualities of each one:


A poop bucket is useful to transport the poop to your collection bin.  It can be lined with a bag so that you can seal the poop in before throwing it out.


A tray is useful if you’re using a rake.  You can just slide the poop in and move on to the next pile. Like the bucket, this can be lined so it’s easier to dispose of poop.

How To Find The Right Pooper Scooper For Big Dogs

The best pooper scooper for you and your big dog will really depend on your specific situation and preferences. Here are some factors to consider before making your decision:

Study your potty area

Where does your dog usually potty? Take a look at the area to give you an idea of the tools you’ll find most useful. Consider the size as well as the types of surfaces you have to deal with.

A pointed spade can be used on dirt and ice while a flat one is best for hard, even surfaces. A rake is useful for gravel and tall grass while a jaw is most useful on manicured lawns.

Determine how often you’ll need to scoop poop

How often will you need to pick up poop? This usually depends on how often your dog eats. Also, how many dogs do you have to pick up after?

If you have to pick up multiple piles, a jaw will only be useful if you transfer each poop to a bucket before moving on to the next. On the other hand, using a rake and tray combo will make this task easier.

Figure out what’s easiest for you

Finding the most appropriate tool for the type of surface you have to deal with will definitely make this easy for you. However, you also need to consider what will be most convenient for you to use.

The one-handed operation required by a jaw-type pooper scooper might be best for you if you need to hold on to a leash while cleaning up. However, a spade or rake might be more useful for larger or more plentiful messes. Additionally, consider how easily you can keep these tools clean.

Reviews Of The Best Pooper Scooper For Big Dogs

To help you make the best decision, here are some of the best pooper scoopers that were specifically designed to help people with large dogs:

Pawler – Dog Rake & Tray Pooper Scooper

Dog Rake & Tray Pooper Scooper set from Pawler features long handles, so you never have to bend down to pick up your pet’s waste.

Pawler pooper scooper for big dogs

The rake is 36 inches long while the tray is approximately 38 inches.

If you need them to be even longer, you can buy separate extension tubes, which are very easy to install.

The large-sized tray enables you to pick up multiple piles before heading to your main trash bin. It works incredibly well with the 6-inch wide rake that works excellently on grass, gravel, and dirt.

It can also be used to pick up fallen leaves and other garden debris. Additionally, both the rake and the tray are rust-proof and easy to wash.

What I love:

  • Long handles
  • Large-sized tray
  • Suitable for various surfaces
  • Rust-proof
  • Easy to wash

Potential Downsides:

  • On off days, when your dog’s poop isn’t so well-formed, this could be difficult to use and clean.

Nature’s Miracle – Jaw Scoop

The Jaw Scoop by Nature’s Miracle in the Jumbo size is perfect for cleaning up after large dogs.

Nature's miracle pooper scooper for big dogs

The jaw/clamp style allows for one-handed operation and the 32-inch handle means you don’t need to bend down too low for each scoop. It’s also not too long that it’s difficult to carry around.

Plus, it only weighs about 2 pounds, so it’s even light enough to carry on the go.

The best part is the scooper features a jagged edge that acts like a rake. So, this works well on gravel, grass, and even concrete. Additionally, it is made of an antimicrobial surface as well as a non-stick plastic material that makes it easy to clean.

What I love:

  • Good length
  • Lightweight
  • Works on most surfaces
  • Antimicrobial surface
  • Non-stick plastic

Potential Downsides:

  • Spring mechanism is a weak point and might need replacing over time.

Petmate – Arm & Hammer Scooper

The Arm & Hammer Bin & Rake by Petmate is a convenient option when you’re tasked to pick up multiple piles of poop.

Petmate pooper scooper for big dogs

The rake can easily comb through many types of surfaces, including pavement, grass, and dirt. It extends up to 32 inches, so it’s easy to clean up without having to bend down.

The best part of this combo is the bin, which has a swiveling mechanism. Holding it to the ground will keep it open and ready to accept waste. Then, lifting it by the handle will automatically shift the bin upright. This keeps poop from rolling off as you move around.

Additionally, this set comes with compatible Arm & Hammer odor-eliminating bags. You can rake poop directly into the bags and throw them away with minimal handling.

What I love:

  • Swiveling bin
  • Compatible bags
  • Suitable for multiple pick-ups
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store

Potential Downsides:

  • Plastic construction might not hold up well when used on hard and rough surfaces.

INTECAL – Dog Pooper Scooper Set

The Dog Pooper Scooper Set by INTECAL is a 3-piece combo composed of a shovel, rake, and tray.

Intecal Pooper Scooper for big dogs

Every tool comes with a long handle (tray: 37.8 inches; rake: 38.5 inches; spade: 40 inches), so you can pick up poop without ever having to bend down.

Having all three tools is best when you have multiple types of surfaces to clean, and is especially useful in changing seasons.

Every tool in this pooper scooper set is made of aluminum and stainless steel enhanced with non-stick coating. That makes it durable and rust-proof as well as lightweight and easy to clean.

What I love

  • Ready for any surface
  • Long handles
  • Durable metal construction
  • Non-stick & easy to clean
  • Lightweight

Potential Downsides:

  • You’ll need space to store all three tools

The Importance of Cleaning Up After Your Dog

The reasons why you should pick up after your dog should really need no explaining. It is a fundamental responsibility of pet ownership and a basic matter of good manners.

However, there are so many myths and mistaken beliefs surrounding the issue of pet waste that leave some people to wonder whether it’s really necessary.

For clarity, here are some of the most important reasons why you should pick up your dog’s poop:

1) Dog poop doesn’t break down so easily

When you leave poop on the ground, it doesn’t “return to nature” so easily. Even when it is no longer visible, its sinister contents could still cause some menacing effects to your immediate environment and, consequently, to your health.

Of particular concern is that rain can wash it off to water systems and contaminate lakes, rivers, and streams.

2) Dog poop is not a good fertilizer

You are not “doing the ground a favor” by leaving your pet’s waste to break down on its own. Dog poop is not a good fertilizer.

Unlike cow manure, dog feces contains high amounts of phosphorus and nitrogen, which is not particularly beneficial to plant life and soil quality.

Additionally, dog poop could be filled with bacteria and parasites. Fruits and vegetables from plants that come in contact with canine feces should not be consumed.

3) Dog poop can make others sick

When dog poop is left on the ground, other dogs might sniff, lick, or even eat it. Parasites and bacteria can quickly spread to other dogs and cause serious illness.

Also, the bacteria left behind by dog poop can stay in the soil for a very long time. Apart from putting your neighborhood’s dog at risk, you’re also risking the health of gardeners, children, and others that come into contact with the soil.

4) Dog poop can be tracked into your home

If you don’t clean up your yard often enough, you risk traces of poop coming into your home from your dog’s paws. When the poop piles up in the same area, your dog could accidentally step on the poop when outside playing, or doing their business.

The traces of poop on their paws will then make its way into the house and maybe even on the furniture. This isn’t sanitary for humans or dogs.

5) Leaving dog poop around is disrespectful to others

Dog poop is gross and stinky and allows flies to proliferate and spread disease. You really shouldn’t leave it behind for other people to deal with. In fact, leaving poop on the ground disrespects your community and also devalues your neighborhood.

In 2017, there were already almost 77 million companion dogs in the United States. Imagine the repercussions if people did not habitually clean up after their dogs?

That’s millions of tons of dog poop that would threaten our health and quality of life each year.

6) Picking up dog poop is required by law in many cities

In Austin, Texas, you can be fined up to $500 if you’re caught leaving your dog’s feces behind in any property other than your own. Even the way you manage your dog’s poop in your own home must be deemed sanitary. You would have to face the law if your waste management at home causes flies or offensive odors.

City ordinances concerning pet waste management are not limited to Austin and are actually common across the United States. But whether or not it’s against the law where you live, you should just do it out of common courtesy and for health reasons.

Extra Tips for Disposing of Large Dog Poop

Dealing with large and plentiful poop isn’t just about having the best pooper scooper. Here are some tips that might help you keep your home and immediate environment clean and odor-free:

Have a dedicated poop bin

Use a separate trash bin for your dog’s poop and keep it outside. That way, it’s always within reach and you’ll only ever open it up when you’re cleaning up a mess or emptying it out.

Make sure it has a lid to keep flies and nasty odors in check.  

Don’t let poop accumulate

When you leave poop on the ground, you enable bacteria, flies, and bad odor to proliferate. Even keeping poop in appropriate bags will eventually emit some awful smells.

Make a habit of picking up poop as soon as you see it, and disposing of your poop bin’s contents at every opportunity.

Consider composting at home

Find an organic waste professional in your neighborhood and ask about ways you can hygienically manage your dog’s poop in your own yard.

Final Thoughts

Large dogs literally leave you with lots of poop to deal with. Thankfully, there are practical tools made specifically to assist people in picking up after their large pets.

Apart from finding the best pooper scooper for big dogs, making sure your dog is properly potty trained will definitely make life more manageable.

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