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Do German Shepherds Have Blue Eyes

Do German Shepherds Have Blue Eyes?

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States as well as worldwide.  German Shepherds have sharp piercing eyes that seem to look into your soul.  However, sometimes you see a GSD whose eyes look a little different than normal, so you may have wondered do German Shepherds have blue eyes normally? 

This article will answer that question and explain why this phenomenon can sometimes occur.

Do German Shepherds Have Blue Eyes?

Yes, German Shepherds can sometimes have blue eyes.  However, this is very rare.  It is most common for German Shepherds to have brown eyes although some GSD’s have green, grey, hazel, or amber eyes.

What Causes Blue Eyed German Shepherds?

In order for a German Shepherd to have blue eyes, both parents must pass along a recessive gene.  Recessive genes are concealed when a dominant gene is present, this is why both parents must pass along the recessive gene in order for your dog’s eyes to show blue.

If one of your dog’s parents pass along a dominant gene, your dog’s eyes will not be blue.

Are Blue Eyes Rare in German Shepherds?

Yes, it is extremely rare for German Shepherds to have blue eyes, although it is possible.  Normally, at least one parent will pass along a dominant gene for another eye color, so having a combination of two parents who pass along the recessive gene for blue eyes is rare.

What Color are German Shepherd Eyes Normally?

Normally, German Shepherds have eyes that are some shade of brown.  However, GSD eyes can also be green, blue, grey, hazel, and amber. 

Do German Shepherd Eyes Change Color?

Yes, German Shepherd eyes can change colors.  Often times puppies are born with one eye coloring, but that color will change as they get to be a couple months old. 

It is common for German Shepherd puppies to be born with a foggy blue color to their eyes, but as they age a few more weeks those eyes will change to their final coloring, normally some shade of brown.

Are Blue-Eyed German Shepherds Purebred?

Yes, blue eyed German Shepherds can be purebred.  However, they can also not be purebred.  A GSD that has blue eyes because of the recessive gene are purebred. 

However, because blue eyes aren’t normal to the breed, a GSD with blue eyes can also be a sign that the dog is mixed with another bred and thus not a purebred German Shepherd.

Therefore, although blue eyes don’t immediately mean a German Shepherd isn’t purebred, it can potentially be a sign that the dog is a mixed breed. For example, Germasn Shepherds mixed with Huskies more commonly have blue eyes.

Are Blue Eyes in German Shepherds a Health Concern?

Naturally occurring blue eyes are normally not a health concern.  However, if your dog’s eyes were brown, then changed to blue it could be a sign of a health issue.

It is not normal for a German Shepherds eyes to change to blue if they were originally another color outside of that early puppy phase.  However, there are some things that can cause a change in eye color such as cataracts, damage to eye, and certain infections can cause eyes that were another color to change to blue. 

If your German Shepherd’s eyes have changed color, you should get them examined by a vet as soon as possible to make sure a health issue hasn’t caused the change in coloring.

Final Thoughts

German Shepherds can have blue eyes, but it is very rare.  As long as the blue eye color is due to both parents passing along a recessive gene for that eye coloring the German Shepherd can be purebred and there shouldn’t be any eye related health concerns to worry about.

However, if your GSD had brown eyes and they all of sudden changed to blue, you should get your dog examined by the vet because that could be a sign of an underlying health condition that needs to be addressed.

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