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Do German Shepherds Drool?

Do German Shepherds Drool?

Have you ever noticed saliva dripping down of the sides of your GSD’s mouth?  Or are you about to get a German Shepherd and are wondering do German Shepherds drool?  This article will answer that question as well as list the most common reasons why dogs drool.

Do German Shepherds Drool?

Yes, German Shepherds can drool.  However, German Shepherds aren’t a dog breed that is known to drool a lot.  If your German Shepherd is drooling there is a reason why it is occurring. 

What Is Drooling?

Drooling is caused by the overproduction of saliva in your German Shepherd’s mouth.  When too much saliva builds up where they can’t swallow it all, the excess will come out in the form of drool.

Reasons Why German Shepherds Drool

They are salivating over food

The most common reason your German Shepherd will drool is because they are salivating over food.  If you are eating and your dog is watching you eat, their mouths will start producing extra saliva that will come out as drool.

Food is a pretty big trigger for most dogs, and if everyone around them is eating, they will likely drool in anticipation of getting something tasty themselves.

They are nauseous

If you have a German Shepherd that is prone to get car sick, you may have noticed that they drool when they are nauseous. 

Nauseousness can cause your dog to drool because they produce more saliva when they are feeling queasy.  If your dog is prone to getting nauseous that could be the cause of the drooling.

They just drank water

Another reason your GSD may drool is if they just drank a lot of water.  I don’t know why, but my German Shepherd will go drink tons of water, then come to me with a wet, drooly slobby mouth.

Drinking a lot of water at once can cause there to be excess water in their mouths which will lead to drool.

Mouth injury

An injury to your Shepherd’s mouth could also cause excess drooling.  If your dog has a cut, growth, or just a mouth injury from chewing on the wrong thing, that is enough to cause drooling to occur.

A dental issue

Just like dental issues can cause your German Shepherd to smell, they can also cause drooling.  Excess tartar, loose teeth, and periodontal disease are some things that can lead to the overproduction of saliva in a dog’s mouth.

To keep your dog’s mouth as healthy as possible, regularly brush your dog’s teeth, and get their teeth checked at their annual appointments.  Some dogs will need a professional teeth cleaning every once and a while too.

Something is stuck in their mouth

Another common cause of drooling is that something is stuck in your dog’s mouth.  If your GSD is anything like mine, they chew on everything! 

Sometimes in all this mouth investigating, something will get stuck in their mouth in between their teeth.  If your dog is drooling all of a sudden, check to make sure nothing is in their mouth that doesn’t belong.

An allergic reaction

Dogs can be allergic to foods just like humans can.  If you dog has eaten something, they are allergic too, drooling can be one sign of that.

Also, there are some items and plants that are poisonous to dogs.  If your dog ingests too much of a substance that is poisonous, your dog will also start to drool as their bodies are trying to break down that substance.

If you think your dog may have eaten something poisonous contact the Pet Poison Control either online or at 1-800-222-1222. 

They are overly excited

If your German Shepherd is anything like mine, they get excited VERY easily.  Some German Shepherds will drool when excited and they may give a few wet kisses to whoever gets them riled up.

Tips to Decrease your German Shepherd’s Drooling

Doing nothing

As stated above, German Shepherds are not a dog breed that is known to drool excessively like bloodhounds or bulldogs, but they will drool sometimes in certain situations.

Since German Shepherds don’t drool a lot, most owners won’t have to do anything about their dog’s drooling.  Just know that if you are eating some tasty food, your dog may drool on the floor a little.

Treating the condition

However, if you think the drooling is caused by a condition such as nauseousness, a mouth injury, dental issue, or something being stuck in your pups’ teeth.  The best way to stop the drooling is to treat the problem.

Sometimes the problem will be something you can handle yourself, where other times, you may have to take your dog to the vet for help. 

Seeking veterinary help

Lastly, if your German Shepherd is drooling out of control and you can’t seem to figure out why, make an appointment with your vet.  There could be a underlying heath reason why your GSD is drooling more than normal, and it is worth it to make sure nothing else is wrong.

Final Thoughts

There you have it!  So, do German Shepherds drool?  Yes, German Shepherds can drool, but they usually don’t drool an excessive amount like some other dog breeds.

If you dog starts drooling a lot all of a sudden, look to one of the reasons above, to try and figure out the cause.  Normally, there is nothing that needs to be done about a little drooling, but if it becomes excessive, make an appointment with the vet to get your furry friend checked out.

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