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Can Dogs Eat Wasabi

Can Dogs Eat Wasabi?

Humans have varied feelings over wasabi. Many sushi-eaters love the condiment while others cannot tolerate it.

But if you love wasabi or have it around your home, you might wonder whether it is safe to give to a begging pup. Is wasabi toxic to dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Wasabi?

Although wasabi is not toxic to dogs, most dogs shouldn’t eat wasabi.  The spiciness could lead to a burning sensation in your dog’s tongue and mouth and could also lead to digestive distress.

Can Dogs Taste The Spice Of Wasabi?

It is difficult to determine what dogs taste or feel when they eat wasabi. However, it is safe to assume that they don’t experience it the same way you do.

Because their nasal cavities are different from humans, dogs are unlikely to feel the same burning sensation in the nose that often makes us tear up when we eat more than we can handle.

Dogs likely do not taste the spice of wasabi but may feel irritation or burning on their snout, tongue, mouth, and throat.

Potential Hazards Of Feeding Wasabi To Your Dog

The effect of wasabi consumption on your dog will depend on what kind of wasabi they were able to access.

Real wasabi and prepared wasabi will have different effects but they both come with several potential hazards.

Dangers Of Real Wasabi To Your Dog

Real wasabi is a rhizome that is typically ground into a paste and used in Japanese cuisines to enhance and complement the taste of fish. The wasabi you normally find in your local sushi chain or at the grocery store wouldn’t be made of this prized ingredient.

But if your dog happens to access some real wasabi, there’s no need to panic unless large amounts were consumed. Just make sure you give them access to plenty of water and watch for signs of distress.

Dangers Of Prepared Wasabi To Your Dog

In contrast, prepared wasabi comes with more potential hazards to your dog. Unfortunately, this is also much more common than authentic wasabi.

The level of danger this poses will depend on the actual ingredients used in the specific product your dog has ingested.

Prepared wasabi is usually made of horseradish and mustard seeds. The spiciness of horseradish is likely to give your dog some discomfort but it is not poisonous.

It is the mustard seed that may trigger severe inflammatory responses in your dog’s digestive system. This may cause pain, bloating, vomiting, and diarrhea.

What To Do If Your Dog Has Eaten Wasabi

The safest response to your dog eating something they shouldn’t have is to take them to the vet for a thorough checkup. This is especially true if you have an older dog, a very young puppy, or one with an existing health condition.

But if your dog is generally healthy and they only consumed a small amount of wasabi, you can keep them home and observe them for signs of distress.

Wipe their snout to remove all traces of wasabi, which could irritate their skin and nose. Additionally, give them access to plenty of water so they can wash off their mouth if they feel the need to.

If your dog experiences vomiting or diarrhea, or if you observe signs of anxiety (e.g., restlessness, whimpering, or aggression), the best thing to do is still to get veterinary care.

Final Thoughts

Never give your dog wasabi or any products that may contain wasabi. Although authentic wasabi is not as dangerous to dogs as prepared wasabi, both may cause discomfort and digestive distress.

If your dog has accidentally consumed a large amount of wasabi, play it safe and get them some emergency care. But if they only ate a small amount, it shouldn’t be a cause for panic. Observe them for signs of pain and discomfort, and be ready to head to your vet if needed.

Several other food products are safe or even healthy for humans to consume but pose some serious harm to our beloved pets. Apart from wasabi, this includes guacamole, dried apricots, and cornbread.

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